Tips to Put Your Appetite on Hold

It’s an almost cruel irony that the biggest impediment to weight management is often food itself. Food is something that is not only ever-present in society, but a basic human necessity that one simply cannot “quit” or “avoid”. This makes managing your weight a particular challenge. Since eating can never be completely removed from the equation, appetite control is all the more critical to achieving healthy results.

If you’re striving to make or maintain your weight, chances are you’ve heard the standard advice: Drink plenty of water; Opt for whole, natural foods; Learn to love fiber; increase physical activity. All of these are safe and effective solutions. But a truly “ideal” diet is difficult for any busy woman to incorporate into her everyday life.
Luckily, there are also behavioral solutions for appetite control that can help enhance existing efforts. Here are a few simple mental adjustments that can help increase your chances of success.

Keep busy

Boredom is a well-known culprit of weight sabotage. Instead of aiming to “just pass the time” between meals, try focusing on tasks that are both physically and mentally engaging. Tactile activities such as knitting, typing or playing a musical instrument keep your hands busy and your mind occupied.

Avoid Mindless Eating

Multi-tasking might help in the workplace, but it does little to assist a dieter in maintaining portion control. Since eating in front of a computer can cause you to quickly lose track of how much food you are consuming, try to avoid snacking while you’re at work or in other situations where you might be prone to “zoning out”. Make sure to give your lunch your undivided attention, and it will in turn keep you fuller, longer.

Eat at designated times

Strict meal times aren’t just a solution to present hunger, they are also a way of managing your appetite throughout the day. A regular eating routine will help your body determine when cravings are genuine, and make it easier to know that the desire to snack will pass.

Forgive yourself

“Now that I’ve blown the diet, what’s another snack?” This is a common justification to overeating that only diminishes one’s self-esteem and chances of future success. Mistakes will happen. Learn from them, and don’t fixate on the past.

Make rewards regular

Try to make a small reward a regular part of your eating agenda. A tiny indulgence once a day will not only keep you from feeling cranky, but also help you learn to wait for your next snack. You’ll find new appreciation for small rewards, and also train yourself to be a bit more patient in waiting for them.

Seek help through science

Fembody’s Appetite Control 100 is a practical way to supplement these techniques and reach your goal weight. Appetite Control 100 is backed with a breakthrough appetite blocker that uses a clinically tested ingredient to help curb cravings. Satiereal®, a proprietary extract of saffron, is known to create feelings of feeling less hungry before meals. A study involving Satiereal® showed significant reduction in the desire to snack, and fewer instances of between-meal snacking. Fembody’s Appetite Control 100 is an intelligent and well-informed way to enhance your existing weight loss efforts.