Sweet supplements

With thanks to Elizabeth Fries for this tweet:

“Hypothetically, I’m more than capable of polishing off a Panera iced pumpkin sugar cookie while waiting to be paged for my healthy salad.”

She speaks the truth. No matter how committed we are to eating healthy, we are more than willing to indulge our sweet tooth (or fat tooth, as the case may be) at the same time.

Those of us who take supplements and promote them can walk the talk, but we also love our sweets. We are soda and sweet tea drinkers. We are meat (even bacon) eaters. All things in moderation, of course.

So when a natural supplements company formulates an essential nutrient in something as delicious as a smoothie, or a chew, or a gum, well, you know that’s smart. Because that’s what you want.

Why give into that craving when you can chew an appetite control gum? Our Appetite Control 100 Gum is a healthy and delicious alternative to taking supplements by the capsule.

Isn’t it great that someone is looking out for our health and treating us at the same time?