Supplement safety

Which supplements can you take together?

If you’re taking dietary supplements, half of all Americans are taking them with you. Think maybe you’re all onto something? You know that supplementing with essential nutrients can help support your daily health. Taking supplements is a choice not everyone understands and a lot of people have questions. Maybe you do, too.

You may have concerns about supplement safety. How do you read their health claims and know what’s safe to take?

- Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary supplements.

- If taking supplements is important to you, choose a nutritionally oriented healthcare practitioner who can advise you appropriately.

- Read labels carefully. Always choose science-based products with clinically researched ingredients.

- If one of your supplements contains a nutrient you need, you may not need another supplement containing the same ingredient. Check dosages carefully.

You’ll be glad to know that all of our Fembody dietary supplements are safe to take with each other.