Pushing Past Your Weight Loss Plateau

Say what you will about the wonders of natural beauty. When you’ve hit a weight loss plateau, the view can be anything but awe-inspiring.

Many people’s commitment to weight loss begins with a bang. Simple dietary adjustments such as passing on soda or giving up refined sugar help kick-start these efforts, and often deliver surprisingly successful results. But almost inevitably after this initial success comes the dreaded plateau, the point in a dieter’s journey where she can’t seem to make any forward progress.

Increased exercise and further dietary restrictions may seem like a near-impossibility at this juncture, given the extensive lifestyle changes that have already been made. In this case, it might be helpful to once again turn to science to enhance existing weight loss efforts (see Fembody Appetite Control).

Fembody Slim Select 30/90 is a new women’s wellness product that delivers a blend of clinically-supported, naturally sourced ingredients that are shown to assist in weight loss.The key ingredient, GreenSelect® phytosome combines standardized green tea extract and soy phospholipids in a 1:2 ratio, helping maintain already healthy cholesterol while improving antioxidant defenses.

Raspberry Ketones, naturally derived compounds from raspberries, provide non-stimulant fat-burning properties to Slim Select 30/90, while the energy-lifting ingredient Innovatea™ aids alertness and mental focus.

Ready to tip the scales back in your favor? With an average weight loss of 30 pounds in 90 days, clinical trial indicated that GreenSelect® participants lost an additional 17 pounds over a placebo group, who lost an average of only 13 pounds. Delivering clear, scientific results such as this, Fembody Nutrition is confident that our new Slim Select 30/90 can help improve the outlook of your next weight loss plateau.

Stephanie Kelly is a paid blogger for Fembody Nutrition. Opinions stated on the blog are given with the understanding that any weight loss product must be combined with diet and exercise in order to be effective. The FDA has not evaluated any statement listed on this site. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.