If you’ve gotta snack, snack healthy

Healthy snacking can help you lose the pounds

Can you remember a time when people didn’t snack all day? Your grandparents and most likely your parents feasted on just three meals a day and fasted between meals. Many families didn’t even keep snacks in the house.

But we have become a nation of snackers and many of us have grown used to grazing. We’re snacking more now than we did in 2010, and it’s beginning to look like we’ll abandon our traditional meals in favor of “mini-meals” and snacking. That’s not a bad thing if we’re in fact eating healthy snacks, getting our five fruits and vegetables a day and following a plant-based diet. But a lot of sugary snacks like granola bars and low-fat cookies are masquerading as healthy.

Sugary drinks are another culprit. Especially soda. People are drinking it throughout the day and even substituting it for food. It’s the worst contributor to obesity. Earlier this year, a study connected soda with a higher risk of heart disease. Not good.

If you give up just one soda or a ‘dessert snack’ every day, you can reduce your daily calorie intake by 500. Think of the weight you can lose.

But let’s not use the words ‘give up.’ This is your choice to control. Find something better—a healthy drink or snack that’s just as delicious—and you may find yourself no longer wanting what you used to crave. Snack to your health!

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