Did You Know Halloween is when the Holiday weight gain really starts?

 Contributed by Dr. Heather Hausenblas, Fembody Scientific Advisor

Most people put the emphasis on Thanksgiving and Christmas along with New Year’s, but the weight gain challenge actually begins with Halloween. Halloween is a time of many candies and treats, but it need not be a time of expanding waist lines. Halloween treats can be found everywhere during this spooky time of year – kitchens, grocery lines, office desks, and waiting rooms. In fact, it is hard not to find a place during Halloween season that does not have a bowl of tasty treats tempting us. And you might think because these scary treats are often smaller in size that it is okay to have one (which often leads to two or three or even more). The overindulgence of sweets during Halloween often leads to weight gain and poor food choices following this holiday.

Imagine coming out of Halloween without gaining weight and feeling better than before the season started. Here is an easy tip to help you avoid those Halloween temptations and control your food cravings by skipping the sugar and spicing it up.

A recently published study in Nutrition Research shows that Satiereal®, a novel extract of the exotic spice saffron, reduces snacking and helps reduce the feeling of hunger between meals. . The randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind study of 60 young, mildly overweight women evaluated body weight changes over an 8-week period. While caloric intake was left unrestricted during the study, participants consumed 1 capsule of Satiereal® twice a day. Satiereal® caused a significantly greater body weight reduction than placebo after 8 weeks, and snacking frequency also was significantly decreased. In fact, snacking decreased by 55 percent in the Satiereal group as compared to 28 percent in the placebo group.

FEMBODY Nutrition offers the clinical  serving amount of Satiereal® in Appetite Control 100 – which is available in both a capsule and gum format. You take two capsules or two pieces of gum a day, preferably before your two main meals of the day or at times during the day that you typically feel like snacking and your tendency to overeat or snack goes way down.

To achieve permanent, healthy weight reduction, you need to implement a comprehensive program that includes proper food choices, exercise, hydration and stress management. However, most of us could use a boost along the way, and for that FEMBODY Nutrition’s Appetite Control is ideal as a weight-loss aid and snack reduction supplement.