Three paths to complete weight loss nutrition

There is no one solution to keeping your weight at a healthy number. Everyone is looking for that one breakthrough to make every weight loss obstacle appear to melt away.  But one approach is not enough, and that’s actually good news. It’s far better to know you have lots of ways to achieve your nutritional goals. And combining them is the way to do it. The first is a healthy diet of mostly plant-based foods. … More

How to burn 100 calories with music: Dance away !

Burning 100 calories sounds good, right? Burning them to your favorite music sounds even better, right? You can burn 100 calories in a surprising number of ways. And we mean really surprising. Like the 40 minutes it takes you to chop your vegetables and prepare your dinner. Twenty-five minutes to scrub your bathroom. Thirty-five minutes to vacuum your rugs. The best ways to burn calories can be activities you do around the house. But what … More