New Year’s Resolutions- Past & Present

 Contributed by Dr. Heather Hausenblas, Fembody Scientific Advisor As this year comes to an end, you may be reflecting on your past. More importantly, we hope you are looking forward to the coming year and thinking about the changes you want (or need) to make. If you are like most Americans, your top New Year’s resolutions are to get fit and lose weight. Unfortunately, following through on your resolutions is easier said than done. Most of … More

What is Satiereal® Saffron Extract?

All about Satiereal® What is it? Satiereal® is the only clinically researched brand of saffron for satiety and appetite shown to be effective when used for eight weeks. A majority of women saw a significant reduction in snacking and hunger between meals during a double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical research study.  * †  Satiereal® is the authentic saffron—from a licensed source—which is important because not all saffron is created equal; in fact, saffron is considered one … More

If you’ve gotta snack, snack healthy

Healthy snacking can help you lose the pounds Can you remember a time when people didn’t snack all day? Your grandparents and most likely your parents feasted on just three meals a day and fasted between meals. Many families didn’t even keep snacks in the house. But we have become a nation of snackers and many of us have grown used to grazing. We’re snacking more now than we did in 2010, and it’s beginning … More

Supplement safety

Which supplements can you take together? If you’re taking dietary supplements, half of all Americans are taking them with you. Think maybe you’re all onto something? You know that supplementing with essential nutrients can help support your daily health. Taking supplements is a choice not everyone understands and a lot of people have questions. Maybe you do, too. You may have concerns about supplement safety. How do you read their health claims and know what’s … More

Three paths to complete weight loss nutrition

There is no one solution to keeping your weight at a healthy number. Everyone is looking for that one breakthrough to make every weight loss obstacle appear to melt away.  But one approach is not enough, and that’s actually good news. It’s far better to know you have lots of ways to achieve your nutritional goals. And combining them is the way to do it. The first is a healthy diet of mostly plant-based foods. … More

Can supplementing help me burn fat?

Hello, Gorgeous. Do you see it? When someone tells you how beautiful you are, do you accept it? And do you love yourself enough to take care of yourself first? We now live in a time when feeling beautiful starts with feeling healthy. You may be asking, “Can supplementing actually help me burn fat? Can a gum or capsule help me control my appetite so I can lose weight? Can taking supplements make my hair … More

How to burn 100 calories with music: Dance away !

Burning 100 calories sounds good, right? Burning them to your favorite music sounds even better, right? You can burn 100 calories in a surprising number of ways. And we mean really surprising. Like the 40 minutes it takes you to chop your vegetables and prepare your dinner. Twenty-five minutes to scrub your bathroom. Thirty-five minutes to vacuum your rugs. The best ways to burn calories can be activities you do around the house. But what … More

Does drinking juice help you lose weight or make you gain it?

A friend who has heart disease was downing a gallon of orange juice every couple of days. He was drinking it all day long, figuring it was healthy for his heart because he was getting plenty of Vitamin C and potassium. Plus, it was fortified with calcium and Vitamin D. But he developed a very large tummy, and decided OJ may have been the culprit. Now that he’s cut back to just one glass a … More

Sweet supplements

With thanks to Elizabeth Fries for this tweet: “Hypothetically, I’m more than capable of polishing off a Panera iced pumpkin sugar cookie while waiting to be paged for my healthy salad.” She speaks the truth. No matter how committed we are to eating healthy, we are more than willing to indulge our sweet tooth (or fat tooth, as the case may be) at the same time. Those of us who take supplements and promote them … More

Did You Know Halloween is when the Holiday weight gain really starts?

 Contributed by Dr. Heather Hausenblas, Fembody Scientific Advisor Most people put the emphasis on Thanksgiving and Christmas along with New Year’s, but the weight gain challenge actually begins with Halloween. Halloween is a time of many candies and treats, but it need not be a time of expanding waist lines. Halloween treats can be found everywhere during this spooky time of year – kitchens, grocery lines, office desks, and waiting rooms. In fact, it is hard … More