Can chewing gum stop a craving in its tracks?

Help satisfy those hunger cravings so you can lose the pounds

Here’s something to chew on: Gum can control your appetite and your food cravings.

If you chew gum regularly, you already know its benefits:

Maybe you chew it to ease tension and help you relax. Test takers have found their anxiety goes down, improving their concentration. And in fact, chewing boosts your memory, possibly by sending more blood flowing to your brain.

Maybe you’ve already chewed it to help distract you when you’re craving something sugary that’s high in calories and fat. At the same time that gum satisfies your sweet tooth, it helps you turn to healthier options so you can focus on losing weight.

You may already know that chewing gum is one of the best ways to control your appetite so you can lose the pounds. According to a research study published in Appetite (November 2006), people who chewed gum before indulging at a buffet ate 30 fewer calories than those who didn’t.

Gum is a handy substitute for what your brain is telling you it wants, and it’s the great distractor when cravings are torturing you. A new study about food cravings finds that controlling your appetite is the singlemost effective way to battle cravings; fighting them off can make them harder to resist and harder to lose weight.

The beauty of a gum like Appetite Control 100 is an ingredient no other gum has: Satiereal®, a clinically researched breakthrough shown to control hunger between meals and reduce snacking between meals. Both are effective ways to lose weight. In natural mint flavor, sweetened with stevia, it’s the gum to reach for when a craving strikes.

Control your hunger, reduce your snacking, lose the pounds!