ADVANCED BONE ACTIVATOR – calcium from algae to support healthy bones

Are you getting enough calcium? About 99 percent of this most common mineral in your body is found in your bones and teeth, while the other 1 percent is found in your blood and soft tissue. So you can understand why calcium is essential to your bone health.

Supplementing your diet can help make sure you’re getting enough. However, not all calcium is created equal, and it’s equally important to ensure you’re getting sufficient Vitamin D and Vitamin K for optimal calcium absorption.

Breakthrough AlgaeCal® whole-food calcium and Polycan™Beta Glucan have been shown to help support healthy bones. AlgaeCal® is a clinically tested whole-food calcium sourced from plants—not limestone. Plant-based sources of calcium can be more easily absorbed than some other forms of calcium. Calcium needs to be completely dissolved to be absorbed. Because AlgaeCal dissolves more easily than many other calciums, it’s better absorbed and offers more benefits.

The other active ingredient in Bone Activator is Black Yeast Beta Glucan. This patented water-soluble active compound—fermented from a strain of black yeast—supports bone health and a healthy immune system.

Advanced Bone Activator’s essential nutrients also include Vitamin D and Vitamin K, which both aid in calcium absorption to help maintain healthy bones. Vitamin D is found in very few foods, and using sunscreen significantly lowers production. So unless you’re getting it from your diet or exposure to the sun without the protective benefits of sunscreen, supplementing with Vitamin D is essential.


Fembody Triple-Action Advanced Bone Activator is a good place to begin supplementing your diet to support complete bone health nutrition.

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