Tips to Put Your Appetite on Hold

It’s an almost cruel irony that the biggest impediment to weight management is often food itself. Food is something that is not only ever-present in society, but a basic human necessity that one simply cannot “quit” or “avoid”. This makes managing your weight a particular challenge. Since eating can never be completely removed from the equation, appetite control is all the more critical to achieving healthy results. If you’re striving to make or maintain your … More

Your First Look at Fembody

There is a lot to be said for the benefits of being “first”. By staying ahead of the curve in fashion, work and current events, the accomplished modern woman also understands the importance of making herself a priority. She is committed to achieving a superior, well-balanced life, and dedicated to actualizing her ideal self in a safe and healthy manner. Now, women everywhere can put these values to practice with the help of Fembody, a … More